Marketing of a Community Magazine

Press advertising still has its place. Direct community magazine still produce good results when set up correctly, IE linked to a website. We at ZedComms have been commissioned to launch a established Irish magazine in England, starting in the city of Durham. The magazine will offer delivered advertisements through a prospects door by Royal Mail from an amazing low cost of 1p per delivery. Yes one pence!

Explanation Videos – Zed Communications Ltd

Explanation Videos

All the rage in America. Explanation videos are videos that explains a process, product or any message you want to deliver. Selling products always includes an ‘explanation’. Our American cousins use engaging short videos (not a talking head -Snooze!) to explain something on the website. A sales person who will fire up on request. Here is an example of explanation video we designed.


Franchise Business


Back in 2011 Zedcomms worked with a business opportunity expanding business.  Our client is based in the UK and asked us for marketing assistance to recruit franchisees overseas.   Managing the advertising and online socials we marketed to two target markets; Australia and Kuwait.  Indeed we chatted with and enrolled a new franchisee in Tasmania.  

The power of the Internet.

In 2020 Zedcomms decided to offer a similar model to allow individuals to trade along with us servicing clients with marketing services.  We enrolled two pilot franchisees who have both progressed very well and trading in their own geographic area and speciality. 

In 2021  Zedcomms offer a bespoke training franchise package to individuals and companies who want to offer our marketing services either locally or to a speciality market.

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