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    How to get cheap targeted Internet advertising

    Advertising on the Internet is defiantly the place to be. Why? It’s just the same as advertising on TV but way cheaper. The similarities are; your advert is in front of a specific demographic, you know how many people are seeing your advert and you know where those people are. With TV and Internet advertising you can place your advert in front of, within ...

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  • Why it’s worth it to buy a website?
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    Why it’s worth it to buy a website?

    I’m often asked for a website quote. Don’t buy a website right off… Always get the free offerings first; Facebook, Twitter and Word Press are the first place to call. Invest a little if you can with a helpful advisor, design geek type person – lots of helpful guys like this around. Then get involved with your business support groups...

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  • Top Three Marketing Tips  – Zed Communications
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    Whisper advertising campaign

    Marketing as a whisper or shout? Radio adverts shout, newspaper adverts shout and online adverts like Google Adwords shout. All work to a degree and the Internet versions have the added benefit of been placed in front of a preferred demographic. Whisper advertising can be better. It’s just like a recommendation from a friend. No need to shout, RIGHT?...

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