Why content on the Internet is king?

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Why content on the Internet is king?

If you want a stronger content strategy then you need to look at Paid media. This article gives you a rundown of Paid media with examples and tips on how to get people talking about your brand online.

Why content on the Internet is king? Useful content that web surfers read is valuable ‘real estate’, a valuable advertising platform. Readers of your page will definatly be interested in the subject. If the subject is related to your product or service the reader may buy from you.
This business model is based on newspapers and magazines, blogs and forums and Google AdWord.

60% of B2C marketers are planning on increasing their content marketing budget spend this year. Although it is important to remember that whilst creative, engaging and innovative content creation is a must, without the appropriate promotion, even the best content can be lost amongst the competition on the big world wide web.

Content boosters are: LinkedIn Ads, Facebook posts and Sponsored Tweets.

You can get going with a sponsored link for as little as £60 per week.

Also look to get involved with specific forums. If you are selling horse shoes, be active on horse and pony forums.


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