Find customers for your business on the Internet

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Find customers for your business on the Internet

Find customers for your business on the Internet. I often tell my clients; whatever product or service you are promoting, your desired prospects are searching for you on the Internet – right  now.  Whatever the product; frozen mice (real example), hotel rooms (real example) or used Lexus cars (another real example).  The customers are there, on the Internet, looking, now.

Our system attracts prospects for you.

For example: We set up a marketing campaign for Lexus last year that now produces 2100 PA interested buyers of used Lexus cars.  They read a page that interests them on average for over six minutes. 220 PA of those visitors are sufficiently interested and are  delivered to their site. We can ‘tweak’ the offer on the page to ‘tip-in’ more buyers. The better the offer the better the response. The offers can be flexed depending on the desire for a new client and seasonal changes.

Our system works with any product or service. It works well in-line with the new Google Penguin and Panda algorithm adjustments too.

Starter campaigns are available from £250 and fully scalable.

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