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Train to operate your own world-class digital marketing agency with 12 months of mentor support.

Become a franchise partner.  Book your bespoke training franchise package for individuals and companies who want to offer world-class marketing services either locally or to a worldwide speciality market.

Zedcomms offers website design and a comprehensive suite of marketing services tailored to various businesses and sectors. Many businesses require assistance and guidance to stay competitive in both the online and traditional marketplace. Zedcomms provides a highly professional solution at an accessible cost.

An Ingenious Marketing System

The Zedcomms franchise presents an exciting opportunity for you to swiftly launch your own branded marketing agency, catering to local businesses within your protected area. Whether you prefer to operate from home as a lifestyle business or expand by building a team, the choice is yours. With the flexibility to work part-time or full-time, Zedcomms empowers you to earn from a trusted and rewarding business model. We offer competitively priced, effective marketing products and services to small to medium businesses, enabling them to enhance their online presence and focus on their core operations. Utilizing our four-step marketing system, we provide ongoing management for our clients on a weekly or monthly basis.

About Us 

Zedcomms is a dynamic marketing firm renowned for its agility. Boasting extensive expertise and years of experience in website design, SEO, and contemporary internet marketing, we stand out as an unparalleled service provider for businesses of all sizes.

Our tried and tested marketing approach leverages a comprehensive suite of tools and systems, ensuring our clients achieve outstanding results. With a commitment to delivering a local, personalised touch and competitive pricing, we present a compelling value proposition. Our ethos is to over-deliver and put the client first, never leaving a project until we are proud of our work. The result is that over 95% of all our customers have stayed with us for over three years, and some for over ten years.

We offer marketing services alongside training and mentorship support to enhance our clients’ businesses. We hope you agree with our business ethos. Consider joining us.

Digital Marketing Business Packages include:

  • Training in Darlington or at a location near you.
  • The NEW Astra Website set up
  • Logo and branding kit
  • Social account set up
  • Social account synchronisation
  • Technical support 
  • Mentor support for 12 months

Back Story

with over 10 years of building websites, setting up the search engine, optimisation and marketing for clients in the UK. At one point, we were managing 2500 client accounts.

We helped a client expand their business opportunities business. We provided marketing for the franchise offering.  Our client is based in the UK and asked us for marketing assistance to recruit franchisees overseas.   Managing the advertising and online socials we marketed to three target markets; the UK, Australia and Kuwait.  Indeed we chatted with and enrolled a new franchisee in Tasmania and helped to successfully grow the business.

In 2020 Zedcomms decided to offer a similar model to allow individuals to trade along with us servicing clients with marketing services.  We enrolled two pilot franchisees who have both progressed very well and trading in their own geographic area.

Your Own Branded Marketing Agency

The Zedcomms franchise offers you an opportunity to quickly start your own branded marketing agency to serve local businesses in your protected area. Work from home as a lifestyle business or build a team. You can work part-time or full-time. Zedcomms offers you the flexibility you need, whilst earning from a rewarding business model you can trust.

We sell competitively priced effective marketing products and services to Small to Medium Businesses, helping them maximise their business presence on the Internet, freeing them up to concentrate on their business.

The Types of Businesses We Work With

Builders, Painters, Decorators

Online retailers
Professional services

About Zedcomms

Zedcomm Franchise Opportunity

Zedcomms is an agile marketing company that is hard to beat. Years of experience with expertise in website design, SEO and modern Internet marketing. We test and use all the latest technologies and have the experience to harness technologies to be useful to our clients. AI and Astra websites are two recent examples.

We have a suite of tools and systems to support our clients that produce fantastic results, with that personal touch and at highly competitive pricing we are hard to beat. Having worked with some 2000 businesses in the UK for over ten years we are ‘Passionate About Improving Business.’

Our marketing services are combined with training and mentoring support to further improve our client’s business.

The Timing is Right

There is a huge demand from businesses that require help to capitalise on digital marketing using social media and other internet platforms.

To prosper, businesses need to be active on relevant internet platforms that allow them to engage with customers and especially to engage with the ‘ideal customer.’ Businesses need to be up to date and aware of their online activity to be able to attract more customers.

Most of the UK’s 6 million SME businesses don’t have the time or know-how to manage this environment. We have proven systems that provide well-thought-out cost-effective solutions delivered along with our local Zedcomms Partners.

How to Attract the Perfect Client

We provide a world-class ‘state of the art’ detailed marketing report to prospective customers – free. The report shows where they are performing well and where they can improve. If required we can also report how their competitors are performing and where they market. You will also be provided with an optimised website and email address.

The Marketing Analysis Will Report On:

  • Online Reputation
  • Compare To The Competition
  • Where You Can Improve
  • Your SEO
  • Your Social Media Status
  • Where Your Company Is Listed
  • How Many Reviews You Have
  • How Many Reviews The Competition Have
  • Where You Can List For Free
  • General Tips On How To Maximise Your Internet Marketing

You are fully supported therefore you do not need any digital marketing expertise.

Earning Potential

What you earn out of a Zedcomms franchise business depends on you; how hard you work and how much effort you put in. Working full-time, we’d expect you to earn £5,000 per month. Part-time, around £1,500 per month. The average product value is £1,620 per annum with products starting from £40 per month.

These figures are based on existing franchisee earnings and are not a guarantee or warranty of your own actual earning figures. With hard work and commitment, we expect these figures can be met or even exceeded.

Special offer – Free Marketing Pack. Consists of a bespoke WordPress Astra Theme 10-page Website, a business logo and three months service of ‘Social Media Marketing’.

Who We’re Looking for

Whilst not compulsory, we feel that experience in the following roles would enable franchisees to get off to the best possible start:

  • Corporate Sales
  • Office Sales
  • Digital Sales
  • Business Managers
  • Managers
  • Advertising Sales

We start with an initial chat on the phone, our objective is to make sure that you know enough about us in order for you to make an informed decision on the franchise.

Equally, we need to know about you, are you are suitable to be part of Zedcomms and what we uniquely offer our customers. We look for people who are capable of setting themselves up in business, who see the value in the partnership of working with us, training, knowledge and support that investing with Zedcomms Businesses brings. You will be investing time too, at the very least one full day per week.

  • Ambitious
  • Hard-working
  • Self-motivated
  • (Most likely!) Tech-savvy
  • Friendly

Your Earnings

What you earn out of a Zedcomms franchise business depends on your activity.

Working full time, we’d expect you to earn £5,000 per month. Part time, around £1,500 per month. The average service value is £2412 per annum with products starting from £45 per month.

These figures are based on existing earnings and are not a guarantee or warranty of your own actual earning figures. With hard work and commitment, we expect these figures can be met or even exceeded.

Next Steps

If you think the Zedcomms franchise would be a great fit for you, fill in the form and you will be sent further information on this fantastic opportunity.

Get Your Free Information Today from Zedcomms

Contact Zedcomms for more information regarding the Franchise and ask any questions you have, Packages from £3500. We can support teams and individuals. UK Areas and National regions are available too.

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