Google search tips and update

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Google search tips and update

Google search tips and update.

For ‘ranking’ on Google, the most important thing you should be looking at is your content. Content is king! I often find clients sites lacking in text content; little or no descriptive text content on the pages. The addition of content rich content text can turn around a website ranking.

The second thing to keep in mind, is that you should be creating high quality content for your target audience. That said, you need to be very aware of the recent Hummingbird update (Tweeted today) and what that could mean to your website.

That means linking from relevant external sources, building relationships and authority on social media and relevant sites is important. This has always been the case. Google + is fighting for market share and I must say I tend to concentrate on Twitter and Facebook. To get in with Google it’s now useful to sign up and use Google +. Another job to do.

If you have a blog, post regularly and frequently and try to focus each on answering a specific question and as thoroughly as possible – remembering relevant, quality links and optimised images.

Overall Hummingbird is simply a better way for Google to provide ‘relevant’ search results.

Do this: update your site often with good quality text content, build relevant links, optimise pages and images.

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