Strong Google search can positively change your business

How a strong Google search for a business service can positively  change your business and get a new van?

We re-published a re-upholstery company website and optimised the website with a Google listing. A small job, very simple, low cost but well executed, read why…

The customer very quickly advised us that more enquiries were coming through – good.

They got a new large contract from a contact through the site – great.

They are the top result when searching for re-upholstery in the (town name) in Google – super.

And now they are buying a new van based on the increased business levels – isn’t that just lovely!

Client says:

We’ve been quite busy thanks to web site. Getting a brand new van on Monday, I’m excited. Love vans hate cars…..

BJ Upholstery in Darlington | Visit site

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