How To Appear On Page One Of Search Results For Free

The Internet is ‘pull technology’ – we can advertise something on our website and then a searcher will be ‘pulled’ to our website. You can pull customers to your site for free with just a little backwards thinking.

1 – Think what search phrase a prospect would ‘Google’ to find your product.
Be really specific and use terms a prospect would use, avoid inside industry terminology.

2 – Build a page that is all about the specific product.
Include a simple call to action like a contact form or big phone number.

3 – Optimise the page. Make the page all about the product in every way.

4 – Start chat about the new page on forums.

5 – Do a press release about the product and link to the new page.
Publish to online and to traditional press; make it interesting.

6 – After a few weeks check the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
Are you showing? Check your statistics and edit and revise as needed.

… That should do it. Here is an example:

Search phrase – Marketing agency in Middlesbrough.
The optimised page –
The SERP –

SERP-Marketing Agency Middlesbrough JAN 2013

We have used Word Press for this example. The concept works with most CMS platforms as long as you have good editing access.

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