How To Make A ‘Dud’ Website Work In 30 Minutes.

Tell people about your website as part of your business day- what it does and how it may help your customers.

  1. Add content that is useful to your clients – like a price list or FAQ page.
  2. Add content that may be useful to your suppliers – delivery times, directions, contacts and bank details for example.
  3. Embed your social feeds on the home page – search engines like this and it’s good to feed-in the latest information to the website.
  4. Tell people about your website and most importantly what it will provide to a visitor:  Answerphone, emails, business cards, invoices, letterhead, van, car, window, signs in-store, flyers etc.

    It’s very important to outline what the site visitor will find on your website.  Here are a few examples:

See our latest work – Latest price list – Delivery instructions -Accounts payable information – Frequently Asked Questions answered – Holiday opening times.

And lastly, all the above information is great accurate content that search engines really like.