We helped one small company add £1 million turnover to his business…Wow!

We helped another open franchises worldwide… Great!

Helped focus the product drive for a Middlesbrough artist – ‘you have changed my life’

And a Middlesbrough company open new lines of business leads… We can help you.


Your a business in Middlesbrough and want to boost marketing and sales. We can help…

We offer a free consultation: Marketing Agency Middlesbrough.  Zedcomms will meet with you to identify your marketing objectives. We will respond with a suggestion list of actions. If you want us to work with us – great! If not, it’ll cost you a cup of coffee.

We are ‘probably’ the best Marketing Agency in Middlesbrough; See What our clients say.

As your business grows or even at business start-up marketing becomes the true life-blood of your business. I work with some hundreds of businesses who report that 80% of their business revolves around marketing the product and or service. We offer  free Marketing Consultant visit to Middlesbrough and the surrounding area.

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