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Website Design Darlington | Zedcomms, the website design company to talk with to deliver a great looking website along with powerful marketing backup. You can have any design, any structure and include any features you want.  We provide the perfect combination of beauty form and function.

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Zedcomms specialise in businesses website design and marketing and business websites. We provide website design and incorporate the marketing of the business  products or services along with your website. We integrate Internet marketing techniques including traditional marketing methods too like RAF, business cards, date processing and customer service modules.


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We offer personal service in Darlington, Richmond, Newcastle, Sunderland, Co Durham and Yorkshire. Over ten years marketing and promotion experiance using on-page digital and off-page marketing;  we can contribute to your business and marketing project.



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  • We helped one small fishing tackle shop add £1 million turnover to his business.

  • We helped a gift company open website franchises worldwide.

  • We doubled website visitors in just one week for an architect website.

  • …Doubled turnover for a website design company.

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