Managing your business and Internet marketing

Our ‘Useful Stuff’ section has proved very popular for businesses who want to fully capitalise on the business website and marketing of services and products in general.

Today we have added two new ‘Useful Stuff’ pages:

Five Basic Tips Managing Your Website.
Having worked with Internet marketing and sales generation for many years the basics still apply. Here are Tips managing your website.

Tips Managing Your Website


27 Perfect Places for Your URL | Driving Traffic to Your Website.
Driving Traffic to Your Website really IS one of the most critical parts of any business website. If you don’t have traffic, well you are missing out on potential on-line business. This can be orders, inquiries or brand exposure.

There are lots of ways to Driving Traffic to Your Website and it’s always better to have lots of differant traffic streams pushing people to your site rather than just relying on one like Google for example. If your business is dependent on one traffic source such as search engines or Google Adwords then your business is hanging by a single thread. So how do we ‘Drive Traffic’ to our websites?

See listed below 27 Perfect Places ways to Driving Traffic to Your Website and places to help drive traffic.

Driving Traffic to Your Website


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