Marketing and business promotion: Free Consultation.

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Marketing and business promotion: Free Consultation.

Nearly all!

80% of the clients I support require help with Marketing and business promotion. Some don’t know where to start, have no budget, orders and contact are low. Have problems; the website is ‘dead in the water’ and advertising costs are dangerously high, how do you market without wasting valuable budgets?

Essential to be effective

A strong foundation of ‘Marketing’ coverage set up and stimulated is essential to be effective, efficient and profitable.

Free Consultation: Marketing and business promotion.

I offer a – Free Consultation: You’re a business and need some help with marketing and sales? Zedcomms will meet with you to identify your marketing objectives **absolutely free** – We will respond with a suggestion list for discussion, if you want to work with us – great! If not, it’ll cost you a cup of coffee, maybe a biscuit.



Use the form below to request a Free Consultation:

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    Face to face meetings usualy take 45 minutes and are available in the following areas: Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Richmond, Northallerton, Darlington and subject to availability London, Leeds and York.

    Telephone meetings take about 30 minutes and are available as an option.

    The free consultation consists of a detailed conversation; about you, the company, your past marketing history, what you are doing to promote, what your objectives are and probably discuss profit margins, sweet spot product sales, PR and advertising.

    We will digest the information and respond with a suggestion list of ‘things to do’, actions to take and suggested recommendations.

    The outcome? Read what our clients say: https://zedcomms.com/what-our-clients-say/

    Regards – Paul.

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