Whisper advertising campaign

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Whisper advertising campaign

Marketing as a whisper or shout?

Radio adverts shout, newspaper adverts shout and online adverts like Google Adwords shout. All work to a degree and the Internet versions have the added benefit of been placed in front of a preferred demographic.

Whisper advertising can be better. It’s just like a recommendation from a friend. No need to shout, RIGHT?

So how do you kick off a whisper advertising campaign?

You require the following:

1- something good about your product or service. Should be easy.
2- a third party recommendation. Few ways to get this, we can help.
3- an interesting offer or special deal. This fuels campaign, we help you design it.

Zedcomms set it all up for you. Let us know if you fancy a go. We can have your initial campaign ready in days and it only grows and gets better and its scalable. We have a promo in March at £45! to kick a campaign off. Try it- www.zedcomms.com/let’s-talk

We run a number of whisper campaigns that produce small but quality leads. The exciting part is that campaigns are scalable and the very exciting part is it can go viral. Indeed a whisper campaign is prime for viral activity.

To find out how a whisper campaign can work for you just let us know.

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