Marketing business using wordpress website can be time consuming and tricky, complicated and confusing. Concentrate on your business and let the experts do it for you all at a low cost.

WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Marketing Support.

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If you already have a WordPress site and you need to market your business better this service is for you; Marketing your business using a WordPress website.

WordPress is the defacto website platform and the most used website software in the world.  It can do anything but the main thing you need to get right, right now at business startup is SEO, so your customers can find you.

This service includes a bespoke review and revise of your business and business website and its marketing needs. Then we work with you to market your business on-line and off-line.

WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Marketing Support.

What is included:

Optimisation for your chosen keywords.
Update of plugins.
Site edit suggestions.
Register with Google.
Managed Google index of all pages.
Expert marketing advice and guidance.
Online marketing guidance.
Off-line marketing guidance.
SEO and content edits.

Real people working with you


£250 set up  – Set up cost includes the first TWO months.
Then £40.00 per month.
*No contract!

*Any restart attracts a re-setup fee £125.

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Marketing business using wordpress website

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  marketing business wordpress website

Our Story | How we came to offer marketing business using wordpress website.

SEO in the begining

Tweny years ago we started working with websites and SEO, a new term then. Getting an understanging how Google worked to rank a website was fasinating. We were one of the first organisations in the UK to start talking about META tags  (key words) and how they worked. We experimented with super complicated search phrases and quickly found that we could get just about any search phrase to the top of the seach engines. We ran SEO workshops to show our clients how to do this, they loved it – it was amazing stuff; in a day you could learn how get your business website on the prized Google first page. But our clients didnt want to spend the time therefore asked us to run a SEO (Search Engine Optimiastion) service and provide Marketing Support for them. This started our service. It has evolved…

Enter WordPress

A game changer; this modern, fresh looking and intuitive website platform was easy to use and you could add SEO plugins to make the job of SEO easy – WordPress was free.  But our clients didnt want to spend the time completing SEO (Search Engine Optimiastion) and Marketing therefore again asked if we could do it for them.

Its not just filling in boxes

It is more complicated that just filling in the SEO boxes though. To optimise a website you have to follow Google suggestions otherwise all that time typing in META tags, keywords, descriptive text and content text is more often than not your time wasted.

We get to know you and your business and reflect this information into SEO (Search Engine Optimiastion) and Marketing. Hitting that ‘sweet spot’ and looking for sidways to attract customers. For example we can attract customers for an ‘upholsterer in Darlington’ fairly easily but how about attracting a person in York who wants an ‘antique chair reupholstering’. We use the modern search technologies to acurately attract the desired customers.

Google is king

Please Google and your doing great. Over 90% of all searches come through Google. So we make sure all your pages are ‘indexed’ with Google and updated as your site changes. This is really important and the search results produced with an indexed website are so much better and so much more acurate.

Our team

We have a team of 20 people you can tap into and call upon to optimise the SEO (Search Engine Optimiastion) and Marketing Support. Sit back and let us do the work. Call on us as you need for fair professional advice.