Marketing Evaluation

The Marketing Evaluation Will Provide the Following Information

How your company ranks online.
How strong your company online profile is.
Where you do you appear.
Where you don’t you appear.
How your competitors are performing online.

A marketing evaluation searches the company online profile.
Identify opportunities and sectors to improve to capitalise online.

Marketing Evaluation.

How Your Company is Performing in Seven Main Categories

Listings – where the company is listed and its accuracy.
Reviews – Where the company reviews are, the average score and reviews found per month.
Social – How you show on the main social platforms
Website – Website speed, how it links to social and how it appears on mobile
Ecommerce – Online engagement, online payments and storefront status
Advertising – Where you are advertising and retargeting analysis
SEO – Organic Keyword Performance

Listings SS

We report back and provide a bespoke Marketing Evaluation along with a action plan and suggestions list to to improve the company online profile.

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