Mentor Required, Marketing Mentor

Selling your product or service in most cases is a hurdle.

To get customers you need three things and that’s it:

1    A Defined, easily described product.
– Collaterals and documents to back it up, what your product does, why it is good and how to instigate an order or make an enquiry. A special offer is always a good way to encourage contact.

2    A regular, measurable way to reach out to prospective clients
– Social media, optimised website, outbound calls, leaflet drops, post letters to targeted prospective customers.
– Go to network meetings, they do work – people buy from people, isn’t it nice to do business with people you know and like.

3    A strong delivery mechanism for your service or product.
– Do what you say you are going to do, do it well, over-deliver and make it as good as you can even if your losing money. Don’t concentrate on the money, deliver the job perfectly every time then the customers will line up outside your door.

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