Mobile device to help market your business

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Mobile device to help market your business

Attached to your hip, your mobile will be I’m sure. Try to leave it in you office, you can’t. They are so useful to look up items that pop in your head right now on the move or watching TV. Keep up with emails and latest news. OK, they are here to stay and mobile devices will get better and cheaper, faster and easier to use. Amazon are to give their mobile device away free which will boost smart phone users. The competition like Apple will respond by lowering prices.

With so many users who are contactable instantly via the mobile, most messages on a mobile device are read within five minutes, this is a fantastic way to communicate with prospects and established customers.

Three ways to use mobile devices to promote your business:

The easiest is Twitter. Ask your followers to allow text alerts. Keep your tweets informative and regular. Cost nothing to set up- just dedicate some time each week to manage your broadcasts. Make sure you design a good marketing mechanism to promote followers.

The hottest is mobile apps. Get a mobile app developed for your business. Give away good free services within your app to help your customers. Cost about £1500 and some time to manage.

Free text alerts. Offer your customers a free text alert to remind them of the next service, next sale or forthcoming function. Services cost are based on the amount of text sent out, usually about 5p each.

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