Mobile sites

60% of site mobile visitors say they won’t use a website if it’s not mobile site optimised. Makes sense; who wants to slide from side to site trying to figure our the site navigation on a phone. We are impatient creatures. So make it easy for you growing band of mobile visitors.

1- add a mobile site to your website. You can do if free in literally a few minutes with a provider like Duda. Be aware though Duda are not a charity. They will encourage you to upgrade based on a monthly fee to add more useful features. I recommend to only use Duda as an interim. See 2 and 3 for the suggested next step.

2- If your building or re-building your website simply ask your designer if it’s responsive. This means the website will respond to the device, tablet, mobile or PC etc. WordPress are very good st this and it’s usually a standard feature.

3- Have a mobile site designed and attached to your site. Cost about £150 to £200. Well worth it.

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