What We Do

Business support and marketing services. We provide support and marketing services to business. Business mentoring, support, sales, marketing and a list of business support services all focused to promote your business. Website design, digital media, PR Promotion and Search ranking (SEO). Free Consultation Our free consultation will help us understand where your business is now and …

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say We work with businesses in the UK to help make them more profitable. Far and wide; we have helped businesses in the UK, Australia, Florida, and Italy too. The free marketing report really opened our eyes – it was clear we were doing quite well promoting the business but missing out …

Keepsake Manufacturer

Zed Comms Working with an Established Keepsake Manufacturer We are glad to announce we are working with the UK’s most established keepsake manufacturer. Zed Comms are developing a new product profile and providing a marketing service along with developing a network of business owners to expand the brand.

Visitor Attraction UK

Visitor Attraction UK Visitor Attraction UK Website check and report. Marketing plan and suggestions with action list. Client Says: Thanks for the report. I found the process very useful and good value. It will certainly focus my mind on what needs to be done with the HMS Trincomalee website.   Follow Zed Comms on Twitter.