Perfect automatic marketing tool for business

Autopilot Marketing With World Class Support – really; does this exist?

After seven years of looking, I am pleased to announce the best marketing tool I have experienced is perfectly aligned for UK businesses.

Inbound Marketing

I have looked at the main players in inbound marketing software like Hubspot and
Hatchbuck. Configured WordPress with CRM and MailChimp. They were all pretty good but lacked one very important part,  something I wanted for my clients; lead generation.

Will it ‘Fit’ Your Business

It does not fit every business, ideally suited to retailers, cafes, restaurants, retail shops, and most businesses with a shopping cart. This SaaS keeps customers data up to date, emails, sends push, texts and emails on ‘Autopilot’. Also it has a business App included that customers can use and the business owner can use to promote to the client base.

Getting pretty amazing

Also included is QR codes to help generate new signups online, on card and posters.  And finally this product comes with NO set up fees and face to face support from a business specialist.

Slightly Bad News

The slightly ‘bad news’ is that it won’t really work for ALL businesses – but as the software evolves it may be able to adapt to some more types of business.

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