Property Price Rise by 13%, we find investors for property business

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Property Price Rise by 13%, we find investors for property business

With mortgages becoming a little easier to get hold of and people realising that property in general is extremely well priced, people are starting to buy. It’s still much harder to get a mortgage than it was in the past. 100% mortgages are impossible and buy to let mortgages have to be heavily geared in the banks favour. 12 months ago my property development clients re-started work full-on again. My small rental property clients have been buying in an easy market for three years. These guys now say it has become competitive but bargains are still to be had. But once the private buys come back in, that will happen late 2014, they will be priced out. One large property owner said he is waiting for the market to increase up to the values of 2007 and he will sell. Interesting…

We at Zedcomms are developing an AdWord based marketing structure to attract investors into the property rental business. We have attracted investors mainly based in the south east who want to get a better return than what the banks offer. We are using AdWords, content topic and a follow me set-up. Its a low cost marketing system that attracts a niche customer.


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