Sales Training

Sales Training

A Powerful Sales System With Proven Results

What is the right way to sell your product or service?  Do your sales team follow a process?  I’m often asked about the best way to ‘sell’?  The answer is simple; don’t sell, consult.  Find out the clients needs, then propose the correct product no selling required.

A sales process system called The ‘Six Steps To Selling’ is a proven sales process that can be used in face to face sales, telephone and Internet sales.  Based on a  The American Xerox, IBM, and Pitney Bowes corporation world-renowned psychometric tested sales system the ‘Six Steps To Selling’ is a powerful tool your team should be part of and work with.

Top Benefits

  1. Your sell more product.
  2. You make more profit.
  3. Engage better with your clients.
  4. You team consult first to sell the correct service or product.
  5. Your customers appreciate been handled professionally and their needs considered first.
  6. Processes to follow if the sale cant progress so you don’t lose valuable customer contact and mutual respect.
  7. Higher sales results and customer retention.
  8. Reduces the stress in selling.
  9. Allows your team to engage with more customers.

Zedcomms provide one day, two days and four-day sales training for businesses in the UK.  And a new requite introduction to The ‘Six Steps To Selling’ with follow on mentor support.

Support for sales and marketing teams which is connected to the Zedcomms online marketing products.

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