Search Local

When looking for services or products locally,
we turn to our phone first.

Is the local chemist open?
When does the pizza shop open?
What sort of reputation does the local car repair garage have?
–   all quick searches online.

Company representation online is important in three main ways:

  1. Be found.  People must be able to find your business easily.
  2. Accurate Data.  Your opening times, location and contacts must be accurate and up to date.  Out of date or wrong information will adversely affect your search ranking and your company online reputation.
  3. Active.  Active profiles look better and perform better.  Impress your visitors and search engines by updating and adding new content to your social platforms.

Top places to promote Search Local:

Google. Google business is a great place to publish your location, opening times, COVID updates and what’s new.  Google account holders can add reviews, which are very valuable.

Facebook with Instagram. Facebook is the most active of all the social platforms for most businesses.  Here you can add your opening times, location and attract reviews.  Posting at least once per week will keep your online reputation looking good.  Depending on your industry you may have to post more often to keep up with the competition.  Remember to use hash-tags.

Twitter.  Twitter is nice and simple, fast to update and looks professional.   For most sectors, it’s not really very active but I always suggest the addition of a Twitter account, keep the account active to help with the overall reputation and it helps with search too.

Directory Listings

There are about 40 recognised directories we suggest you list on.  These include Bing Maps, Foursquare, Manta, Brown Book and Show Me Local etc.  You can also be active on Yell and Gumtree, this all helps but depends on your industry.

Listing on all the directories requires an investment of time and going forward effort to keep up to date.   Don’t expect a huge response or uplift in traffic immediately.  Listing accurately on the directories strengthens the business online profile and will benefit search ranking.

I do suggest you list on all the main recognised directories;  helps with search local and overall search results.   You will notice directory listings are starting to pop-up at the top of search results when searching locally, your company needs to be there.  See screenshot.

Local Search

Last but certainly not least is the fact that local search results are considered the most trustworthy. In a study by Neustar, it was determined that these searches, such as “used games Darlington”, are what people do the most since they put that trust in local business more than big website stores.

Local searches lend themselves to instant requirement and the interaction between browser and business will convert that browser to a loyal customer.

Let’s say you need new brake pads for your car. You want them today;  want to pop to town to collect the parts, you may want to look at the item before buying to be sure the right fit etc.  A search of say ”Car parts shop in Darlington’ will work.   Or you are looking for a local service that can only be local; Joiner, Decorator, Loft Conversion Company, Upholsterer etc.  These all need to be local.

Those interactions are what lead people to local searches and the absolute necessity of getting your listings correct. Trust leads to loyalty, which leads to more business, which leads to happy customers and business owners.

And it all starts with that correct listing in that customer’s local search.

Lastly, you should be everywhere.  When a browser searches for your local business you should be everywhere, accurately presented with an active and up to date profile.