Selling in Kuwait

Recent Success in Selling in Kuwait

A different approach to business expansion can be very effective when it comes to selling in Kuwait, Australia, and other overseas locations. We have been working with a ‘franchise’ business in the jewellery business for six months now. Our client is a well established business based in Somerset. The remit was to expand the business base by putting in-place individuals to replicate the business. Our client did not want to go the full franchise route as this is expensive and can slow down growth. The angle taken is to offer a package that allows individuals to benefit from our clients experience, training, use of a brand and support.
We refreshed the offering information and worked with enquiries. Interest from overseas is strong and we recruited in Australia and just now in Kuwait.

The power of the Internet tools we have at our fingertips, once structured correctly, is quite amazing. Today we were talking with a prospect in India as we would in say Birmingham.