SERP Map by Google

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SERP Map by Google


A SERP Map is an improved search result for a website (see screen shot). The Search Engine Results Page shows additional links into a site rather than one. A SERP Map is granted by Google to sites it sees as ‘important’. Benefits of a SERP Map are; looks better, the big boys have one, more links to your site, looks impressive, nice to know Google thinks you are important.

If you order a SCR report from us we will analise your site and advise how to encourage Google to grant you a SERP Map. More info below…

SCR report – A bespoke report on your website that will deliver exactly what you should do to improve traffic and leads, sales and contacts. Over 250 have been produced nationwide and some worldwide with amazing results.

A client in Australia said it Improved traffic by 30%.

A client in England demonstrated it contributed to £1m of business within 18 months.

Probably the best few hundred quid you will ever spend said a museum in England.

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