Twitter: Every Business Should Use

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Twitter: Every Business Should Use

I’m forever apologising for suggesting to my client to use Twitter. 80% don’t like it, don’t understand it and one said he hates it.  – Is Twitter rubbish? My reply is “You may not love it but only a fool ignores it.”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love it and agree with some sentiment, it is a bit annoying. We are frustrated and annoyed by it mostly because we don’t understand it. Humans are scared of the un-known.  If you’r serious about finding those lovely customers though you should be in this network as it costs nothing but a little time.

Let me explain: I had 300 visits to my Twitter account this week. That’s 15,600 visits a year without really trying too hard. This is really LOW COST marketing. That’s why it’s so popular. And really low cost advertising is something else my clients often ask for.

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