Starting a Business

I’m often asked by new startups and recently started businesses for help – usually to market a product or get more customers.

The first thing you need to do is actually have a product – sounds odd but you must formulate your offer and how it is useful, why is it a good offer and to explain your offer to a prospective customer in a way they understand.  How it works and the benefits.  A prospective customer is not interested in how a widget is made but he or she will be interested in how it will benefit them.  How to attract new customers comes next.

An elevator pitch/script is what you need; to explain your offer and also lots of mini elevator scripts to fill in the gaps to simply explain what your offer does and why its good – remember to demonstrate what the benefits are to your prospective customer.  Here is a link to how to construct an elevator script.

So if I ask you what your business does you can tell me in 30 seconds what it does, I understand it (I’m not too bright) and understand the benefits of buying from you.

  1. Put together a simple product sheet that bullet points the features and benefits.
  2. The elevator script follows this product sheet.
  3. Include price points, contact and any offers you want to offer.

Now you’re ready to look to engage with prospective customers.