Speed of a website – how fast does it load, does it matter?

It matters of course as slow websites aren’t from a site visitors perspective but also Google and the other search engines rank lower for slow sites.

To keep the speed up make sure images are not too big, make them a sensible size, about 800 pals, and compress them – they don’t need to be high resolution for the Internet.

Keep navigation links simple – plain text links are preferred or small compressed images and use a video platform like YouTube to show videos rather than host them yourself.

There are tools to test your site speed that will produce a report like above and guide you how to improve website speed.

Open for business early


I walk through Darlington town centre most Wednesday mornings at 8.30 and notice some, not many, businesses are open for business.  Observing these businesses later in the day I noticed that they are the busiest.

Traditional trading times the UK is 9-5 but this is not a rule or a law.  You should be open and be ready for customers before 9 am or earlier.  The windows should be clean, stock refreshed, lights on and the shop clean and tidy, staff ready to serve.

In a past chapter in my life, I ran a retail outlet and later a restaurant.  The retail outlet was open early, if it was warm the doors would be open, a couple of potted plants outside and my signature – the pavement brushed and swilled with water.  This activity actually attracts attention and gives a good impression of an ‘on the ball’ business, its actually free advertising and great for staff positive mentality.  Activity attracts activity.

In an office environment, the same applies, get the staff in early, let them go early or give extra time off in lieu or build it into the employment contract.  They should be ready to take calls and conduct meetings at 9 am (or before) rather than just get going after a coffee at 9.45 ish.

Back to my observed stars in Darlington, the businesses I noticed were Savers, Relish, Alfornos and Taylors.  All successful expanding businesses.

If you are stumbling through the door at 9 am, hanging around outside, the keyholder is not there and the entrance is messy it won’t take much to instigate the above and the results will be great – all for free, just a little time and effort. The early bird gets the worm.


Website Mobile Design

Website Mobile Design to capture a wider range of customers

People are shifting so quickly to mobile devices these days therefore Website Mobile Design is especially relevant.  There are a lot of websites having to consider what the website looks like on a mobile device and how does it operate on a mobile device because they are losing site visitors.

56 percent of traffic to leading consumer websites came from mobile devices. Websites built for desktop or laptops may not be suitable or optimised for the mobile for several different reasons:

  • Smaller size & dimension of screens; requirement to adjust as screen rotates.
  • Variance of screen sizes across different devices (eg old mobiles to iPad Pro).
  • Different workflow for touch input vs keyboard/laptop.
  • Increased likelihood of lost/poor network connectivity.
  • Consideration of whether to create bespoke app or to just redesign website to be responsive.

Add a responsive Website Mobile Design to an existing website is especially relevant now.

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Website QA Testing Services

Maximise Website Potential

Website QA Testing Services.

We offer a range of services in the Website QA/Testing Services area offered as a standalone-service or alongside work being done; website build, revisions SEO etc.

It is important to know your website is working correctly and to a maximin potential. Website QA/Testing Services will report any area’s for work, edit or development to ensure your website is operating at its best consequently provides a better visitor experience.

Website QA Testing Service

  • Testing As A Service – testing new work delivered incrementally as added by a separate development team.
  • Website review and test plan creation.
  • Work through a site and develop a test plan for a customer for future regression.
  • Automation services.
  • Create a suite of regression tests based on customer test plans.
  • Run and maintain automated tests with reports for customer.
  • Set up automated tests across various mobile devices to run using third-party services like Applitools
    Coverage testing – run through customer site on different devices to look for issues across devices / Operating Systems / browsers.

Most noteworthy is; when your website is in good order it attracts more visitors.

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‘Website QA Testing Service, website, test,’

Marketing a brand new business, Marketing an established business

Marketing business,  Marketing established business

A big part of any business is marketing it.  Letting people know you are in-business to provide your products and/or services.

New customers and selling to established customers can take some hard work and can be frustrating when it doesn’t work.  With new media it can be really inexpensive and very powerful.  To hook-up with social media you have to be efficient.  Planning is the key to success.

For a brand new business

For a brand new business your first place to be is the Internet, a Facebook business page will do for starters.  Add a website when your going, keep it simple and build on the site as you progress.  Do not rely on a platform site like Yell, Wix or WebsiteBuilder, simply because they only allow you limited edits and often restricted Search Engine Optimisation.  Spend literally a few Pounds and runs some server space and install something like WordPress.   An essential addition is Google Business.  Free to set up and powerful.

Looking forward.  Capture data; every contact with a customer or a prospective customer is really good to keep.  Some websites will save this data from contact forms on the website and can be exported into a CRM or just a spreadsheet to allow you to reach-out in the future.  MailChimp is great for this and allows recipiants to unsubscribe with no action required from you.

For an established business

Your not alone when your marketing and promotion and lead generation is a little messy.  It organically grew with the business.  If you have time try to simplify your processes to find new customers and revise the ones that are working.  Your Facebook page for example; check it is showing the correct contacts and business message, website too. Spend a bit of cash to have some fresh images and graphics added to your site and blog when you have time.  SEO is massive and one of the best ways to attract customers.  Hire someone in to revise it for you as the ‘rules’ change often.

Here are our 6 golden marketing rules for all businesses

Search optimise the website.

Have a nice email signature with a link to PART of your site.

Capture customers data and ‘reach-out’ to them.

Be active; update your site and publish on social media.

Embed Twitter feed on your home page.

Set up a Google Business page.


Hope this is of use!