A Unique And Fresh Way To Market Your Company

Pull marketing

Pull Marketing is a way to attract that ‘perfect customer’ to you.

Think about the perfect customer, age, interests, location, spend power etc. I can attract that customer to your door.

Internet or traditional methods both work but the Internet is the fastest and most cost-effective.  You need to be where your target customers are.  This can be adverts in magazines and newspapers they read or online forums they visit and subscribe to.  Another is search; what would your customer search in Google?  Reflect on your website, optimised will attract your perfect customer located in your area with your required budget.  It takes time and a little technological know-how but worth it and you can build from there.  Keep it going and always be active.

A Marketing Historical Story

Kellogs in the 1950s was a household name – why market a brand everyone knows?  so they cut the marketing budget. The customers quickly forgot and sales plummeted.

Our Marketing Plan

Devise the marketing message.
Deliver a clear marketing message.
Ensure the target market will see your marketing message.
Encourage contact – call to action.

Our Marketing Ethos

Be memorable.
Be different.
Be creative.
Include a ‘big fat claim’. (Don’t be shy about how good you are).

Builder and Plasterer, Render Specialist in Darlington

SS Robertson Building Services

A building services company who provide property services and building service to the North East and North Yorkshire regions. Specialists in plastering, outside render and damp proofing.

We add photographs of completed jobs with some description. This helps customers see the work and get ideas for their project. Customers can request a quote via the website. The website is attracting more customer enquiries, especially from smartphones as the website is optimised to be read on a smartphone.

WordPress course: Learn WordPress in a day


Our introduction WordPress course will give you the knowledge and tools to create, manage and run a great WordPress website.

WordPress course Outline:

How to set up WordPress

Introduction to WordPress

How to set up a WordPress website.

How to publish posts, pages, images and video
Formatting your posts

Adding links

Inserting and embedding media – images, video, audio

Search Engine optimisation
How to make sure your website is optimised for Search Engines

How to take advantage of the social web

Sharing your content on other social networks

Auto-posting to Twitter and LinkedIn

Adding ‘Share’ buttons

Paul has over ten years working with websites and marketing, he has worked with over 2000 websites in the UK and some internationally. You will find him patient, helpful and inspiring.

Zedcomms, a digital marketing agency started 18 months ago

Zedcomms Logo

Zedcomms, a digital marketing agency started 18 months ago in Darlington has flourished worldwide.

After selling his Internet marketing business 18 months ago Paul Harper founded Zedcomms Marketing Agency.  Zedcomms is a unique Marketing Agency as it has a strong ‘sales’ background. Believing he would find his clients locally. The world came knocking. The business evolved in a way he never expected.  The first client came from Australia because the owner wanted marketing advice to increase sales. He wanted to invest in a redesign of his website structure with a focus on sales; a 30% increase was delivered.  Soon after a web designer in Florida wanted help with a sales pricing structure for his business and an Italy based luxury watch on-line retailer needed more website hits. UK companies came too.  Zedcomms recruited franchisees for a Somerset based jewellery company.  The new recruits’ came from the UK, but also Melbourne in Australia, Tasmania and Kuwait.  The international flavour is due to ease of communication using Internet tools and the desire for marketing services with a ‘sales’ focus.

Zedcomms provide marketing services to a handful of businesses and Councils in the UK  There is a gap in the market for a ‘sales focused’ Marketing Agency to deliver marketing products and services in the UK, so ZedComms is to offer a free consultation and feedback to businesses.

Paul Harper says;

My skill is to understand technology then connect the technology to promote a business. I recall talking with ease to a lady in a Kuwait restaurant about her franchise as if she was in the next town!  We are to launch a super Social Media Marketing package that will fit in nicely with SME’s nationally.  I love working with businesses promoting products and services worldwide – and locally.



TEL – 07712079106