You have to be on your website often, updating and changing to pull customers in – here is how:

Back in the 1990’s when I first started working with websites I always told customers to make sure they update often – most didn’t.

I now work on customers website to do this for them.

Here are a few tips to help you really make your website work:

1 – Shocking – actually look at it.  Some of my customers never look at their own sites (you know who you are Jo :-)).  You really need to know what’s on it, how to navigate it and does it work.

2 – Update it with an insight as to what you’re doing, your offer etc. Think about what your customers will find useful – not pictures of you at an award do. Useful stuff like when you’re open, your location and directions, guarantee you offer and FAQ’s etc.

3 – Smooth navigation – make it easy to navigate. Respond to customers questions, make it easy to contact you.

4 – Evolve – everything is changing all the time. Reflect this on your site, talk to your prospective customers.

5 – Who is your target market. Speak to them and make sure your offer is directed to your target market.

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Website Mobile Design

Website Mobile Design to capture a wider range of customers

People are shifting so quickly to mobile devices these days therefore Website Mobile Design is especially relevant.  There are a lot of websites having to consider what the website looks like on a mobile device and how does it operate on a mobile device because they are losing site visitors.

56 percent of traffic to leading consumer websites came from mobile devices. Websites built for desktop or laptops may not be suitable or optimised for the mobile for several different reasons:

  • Smaller size & dimension of screens; requirement to adjust as screen rotates.
  • Variance of screen sizes across different devices (eg old mobiles to iPad Pro).
  • Different workflow for touch input vs keyboard/laptop.
  • Increased likelihood of lost/poor network connectivity.
  • Consideration of whether to create bespoke app or to just redesign website to be responsive.

Add a responsive Website Mobile Design to an existing website is especially relevant now.

Contact us about your website.

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Google Search, Internet Marketing, Google Search Engine Results Page

Google Search, Internet Marketing, Google Search Engine.

Part of your Internet marketing should be to achieve top ranking in Google. In the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

May ways to do it: You can ‘Pay Per Click’ Google AdWords, add your site to ‘Google Local’ business directory. This gives you a business listing that appears locally. For a chance to be listed near the top of a search page on Google you have to optimise your website for organic searches.

It had become more complex to achieve a high ranking in Google organic search result. Google has evolved and tightened up its algorithms making it harder to achieve a placement / high ranking for your key words / phrases. Especially when you are in a competitive market, Who isn’t?

So, searching for a ‘Web designer Darlington’ will be competitive. In Darlington there are lots of digital agencies, website designers, marketing agencies etc who serve Darlington with this type of service, indeed all towns in the world will have a similar competitive circle.

Four Basic Search Engine Tips:

Make the TITLE descriptive.

Make sure the KEYWORDS are in the TITLE.

Make sure the page content is at least 300 characters.

Link out and look to link in to the page.


Four Advanced Search Engine Tips:

Test your sites speed to load. It needs to be less than 0.24 second.

Build inbound links to your site. For example Social media and forums are good.

Submit a site map to Google Webmaster Tools.

Count the keyword density in your pages. Try and get to .75 – 1.0%.


Well,  Zedcomms are placed #1 in the organic search result for this phrase. And guess what? We’re not even in Darlington!

For website design and marketing support let us know. We offer a free consultation with a bespoke report to show you what can be done to support your marketing and website design.

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