Requests for business support – But its just one question.

I work with a lot of businesses nationwide. 80% of the requests for business support are for just one support area. Here are ten real questions all asking for the same thing.

What support do you require?

Getting people to know about this business and the benefits that they can receive-

Finding the right kind of clients –

Publicising my products on a shoestring budget –

Marketing, particularly an online presence are my challenges –

Need to develop an e-commerce website –

Finding new clients –

Raising the profile of my regional business in West Yorkshire –

Increase contact through the website –

Promote my auction services better –

Promote my services to a specific market, get contacts from prospective customers –

A – Marketing.


UK Businesses are crying out for marketing support. They are rarely budgeting for any marketing, some don’t value a marketing spend and most don’t know where to start. It’s frightening, Its very easy to spend a huge marketing budget and get a zero return.

The solution is based on the individual company and can be just one action or more likely a bunch of actions and in some cases hundreds of actions to achieve the goal together with a system to record and me sure actions v results. Boring but true. Time and money consuming too.


By: Paul Harper.

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