The Next Digital Revolution

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The Next Digital Revolution

‘Digital Revolution’ and all that.? Well its part of our lives now – maybe too much part of our lives? Your business should be part of it. Digital online is growing faster now with apps, Google local and mobile sites.  The demand is powered by tablets and smartphones.

Every client I work with now; I always set up and optimise Google Places. Its the smartest no brainer free marketing tool ever. More and more people are now searching for services that you offer locally using Google and/or their Smartphones?

You yourself might have noticed while searching on Google for a keyword with a specific location. The maps on the right hand side with red balloons like icons or in the organic search results with the Business name, location and Phone number.

Google Maps and Places is becoming popular day by day because your customers will see your number on Google Listings page itself, they do not need to go to your website and then contact us page and then call you. They can call you straight from their mobile by tapping on the phone number. You don’t need a website to rank on Google places and maps.

This service does not cost much if anything but gives you better and quicker results than any other online marketing technique.

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