Google Search, Internet Marketing, Google Search Engine Results Page

Google search, Internet marketing. About the competitiveness of Google SERP Search Engine Results Page ranking and how to achieve a Top of the Google Search Engine Results Page. Zedcomms are based in Darlington.
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Google Search, Internet Marketing, Google Search Engine Results Page

Google Search, Internet Marketing, Google Search Engine.

Part of your Internet marketing should be to achieve top ranking in Google. In the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

May ways to do it: You can ‘Pay Per Click’ Google AdWords, add your site to ‘Google Local’ business directory. This gives you a business listing that appears locally. For a chance to be listed near the top of a search page on Google you have to optimise your website for organic searches.

It had become more complex to achieve a high ranking in Google organic search result. Google has evolved and tightened up its algorithms making it harder to achieve a placement / high ranking for your key words / phrases. Especially when you are in a competitive market, Who isn’t?

So, searching for a ‘Web designer Darlington’ will be competitive. In Darlington there are lots of digital agencies, website designers, marketing agencies etc who serve Darlington with this type of service, indeed all towns in the world will have a similar competitive circle.

Four Basic Search Engine Tips:

Make the TITLE descriptive.

Make sure the KEYWORDS are in the TITLE.

Make sure the page content is at least 300 characters.

Link out and look to link in to the page.


Four Advanced Search Engine Tips:

Test your sites speed to load. It needs to be less than 0.24 second.

Build inbound links to your site. For example Social media and forums are good.

Submit a site map to Google Webmaster Tools.

Count the keyword density in your pages. Try and get to .75 – 1.0%.


Well,  Zedcomms are placed #1 in the organic search result for this phrase. And guess what? We’re not even in Darlington!

For website design and marketing support let us know. We offer a free consultation with a bespoke report to show you what can be done to support your marketing and website design.

SERP Web designer Darlington


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