Update A Word Press Website

How To Maintain And Update A Word Press Website

Monthly Update.  Most of us do not look at the company website often enough.  You should at least login to your Word Press website monthly and update the plugins and themes.  Its a matter of just clicking where suggested.  Don’t select all and bulk update as this tends to throw most servers and you can lose your site.

So monthly Update.  Login, click the plugins and themes that show they need an update and you will be good.

Why Do This?

Bad people will take advantage of a security fault with an old version of a plugin or theme.  It’s easy for them; once a known security issue is known they can generate a list of all WP websites using it, go to the website and they are in.  They tend to take control of your website to send SPAM emails or publish illegal or offensive content – all on your server.   Not good.  So good housekeeping as suggested above will save you some headaches.

Another reason to keep your website update is that Google (the master of the search universe) do like healthy, up to date fast, genuine websites.

Update A Word Press Website And Why