Updating and guarding against hack when using WordPress

Make sure you log into your WordPress site daily.  One reason is that it is beneficial to have an up to date active website for your customers and the search engines. That’s a given.

The other is security.  Out of date plugins and themes expose your site to hackers who will try to access your site to take control.  They can start sending SPAM emails using your server, forward your traffic to illicit websites and sometimes add ‘back door’ to allow these activities at a later date. All this can be embarrassing, costly and time-consuming to rectify.

Some tips to keep your WordPress site safe.

  • Install Wordfence plugin.  This plugin allerts you by email when you, someone else logs into your account, if someone sets up a new user and when plugins need updating.
  • Update your theme and any you are not using as needed.
  • Update the plugins as needed.

The server you use can have a big bearing

Cheap servers dont moniter the server enviroment as well as the more costly ones.  Dont buy purely on price and ask how they moniter and make the server enviroment secure. Two good ones are Go Daddy (although they do charge extra for email addresses) and LCN.