Upholstery Restoration Company in Darlington.

A dyed in the fabric traditional business using ancient tools and skills start to capitalise on the Internet

An upholstery company who restore, reupholster and repair all types of upholstered furniture. The family business has been in business for 30 years. In recent years they have expanded into commercial work and manufacturing of specialised upholstered units for other businesses. They have always completed commercial work for pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and restaurants and now this is expanding. The core business is restoring quality soft furniture for the residential market.

The website is the shop window for what they produce. In the past completed works were not seen by prospective customers, now most completed jobs are photographed and added to the website weekly. This helps prospective customers see the quality completed jobs to showcases their work to the world.  In the past, these examples left unseen to the customers home.


SS BJ Upholstery