Six Steps To Selling

There are only six steps towards making a purchase. That could be any purchase we make, from a pack of gum to our home.

It is helpful that your sales team know what these steps are so they can help a prospective client work through the process.

Six Steps To Selling used by all major sales organisations – see the basic Six Steps To Selling here

The Six Steps To Selling are:

1 – Prospect. Identify your prospective client.

2 – Contact. Say hello, meet and greet, break the ice.

3 – Question. Qualify. Ask questions about them, the company and what they want to achieve. (this is THE most important part).

4 – Presentation. Explain your product and service, how it relates to your findings in step – 3.

5 – Concerns. Ask if there are any concerns and review – revert back to Step – 3.

6 – Close. It’s time to ask for an order. Most customers will NOT order unless asked.

We provide sales training in the six steps to selling. Each course is bespoke to your product or service.

For an informal chat about working with your team and the six steps to selling, simply contact us.

One client said; “It works like magic.” And it does.