Social Media Marketing

Working with businesses all over the UK and all types of business as we do, the Social Media Marketing question always comes up – or we bring it up. Do you use it and does it return on your time investment?

Is Social Media Marketing worth the effort? Does it work and how can I do it?

Yes, it does work in all cases but it has to be’ worked’. Just setting up a Twitter account will do little apart from showing your site visitors – ‘we have a Twitter account!’

If you have the resources a dedicated person to monitor and manage the Social Media Marketing is a good start. There are very good low-cost tools like HootSuite that can help also. Apps on a smartphone allow you to update quickly on the go so it doesn’t eat into your time too much.

Our advice when talking about Social Media Marketing is; be involved with Social Media and capitalise on the added exposure to your products/services. You’d be a fool to ignore it.

Here are 7 Social Media Marketing Tips

Set up the most popular first; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Don’t over commit to too many accounts – one step at a time.

Hook up your smartphone with the apps to allow easy updates and engagements.

Link your website and blog to Social Media so when you publish the new information is republished on the attached Social Media platform.

Invest in packages like Hootsuite that allows you to schedule posts and edit multi-platforms on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Embed your Social Media to your home page – this shows your visitors (and search engines) you are active.

Keep it up to date.

Capitalise with Social Media Marketing without spending too much time. We set up solid Social Media Marketing systems as part of the overall promotion and Small business marketing support services. Ask us about it.

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