Social Media Marketing

We Take Care Of Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is truly a great way to engage with your customers. We manage the effective social media activities best suited for your company, whether this is to build and enhance the company online profile, increase your online reputation and reviews or search optimise your company website, we keep your website up to date, optimised and your company looking good.

Our Social Media management packages are highly cost-effective and can produce really great results, see What our Clients Say and Case Studies.

A Social Media Marketing Package Bespoke To Meet Your Needs

√ Find more customers

√ Attract the ‘Perfect Customer’.

√ Build the company online profile

√ Protect and enhance your online reputation


Account Set-Up includes a detailed Marketing Analysis and set up or access of the main social platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Google Business and access to clients website as required. We report our progress weekly or monthly and can adjust activities as needed based on continuous monitoring.

Social Media Marketing, SEO, Support and Consistent Activity. We build and manage your online marketing and company reputation with your goals in-mind.

The graph above is the performance of an online retailer we complete the social media marketing for. You can see a steady growth in impressions and clicks from Google. In addition to this we have optimised engagement on Facebook and also building a following on Twitter and Instagram.
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