What our clients say

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

A fantastic help to me.
Very pleased that Paul accepted my request. He was a fantastic help to me. We managed to cover a huge part of my operations and came up with a few areas of improvement/action plan. His mentoring style made it easy for me to understand where Vinesine is doing good and where it lacks important information that negatively impacts SEO. As a result, we set a plan on how to improve the SEO structure on the Vinesine page. Paul has kindly offered to work with me on achieving my desired goals and has sent me a follow-up meeting request right away to check on the process. I would highly recommend Paul as a mentor and professional on the subject.
Eric A from Vinesine

Support digital marketing
It was a terrific pleasure to meet Paul this morning. He’s clearly at the top of his field, specifically in the areas of support and advice that I need most right now. He’s interesting, friendly, professional, courteous and very engaging. Paul is also on top of the myriad of tools that exist to support the digital marketing effort and is able to very quickly hone in on specific (and free of charge!) suggestions for tools that exist to help streamline the digital marketing efforts. I gained a lot from my discussion with Paul today.
Chris M from Cobblestone Chronicles Ltd

I can move ahead with the next phase
It was an excellent session, his feedback and advice were invaluable. I now feel I can move ahead with the next phase of my business following the call. I would thoroughly recommend him, and I am so grateful for this opportunity to talk to someone with such experience. His manner is approachable, it was easy to ask questions, and he was able to quickly grasp what I needed.
Marketing Mentor Session
Wendy C from See Kent

26 Fold Increase in Impressions
That’s great, thank you. That graph tells a very positive story, I’m extremely happy with that, I can see the website is building traffic, this month has been by far the busiest for orders through the website since I started in 2019, and your impact has been instant again, thank you!
Social Media Management
Philip McCready

Best Ever Month for Website Direct Sales.
We’re already seeing the impact and December is already our best-ever month for website direct sales.
Social Media Management
Philip McCready

Brilliant Things You Have Done
It’s amazing what you have done, I tell everyone about your service.  Truly brilliant things you have done for my social media.  It looks so professional now – highly recommended. Social Media Management
Liz Pattinson MA HRM Chartered FCIPD.

A Very Big Thank You
I have just surpassed last December’s sales total with still a week left in the month. Putting that into more context my sales at the start of the pandemic, without my normal travelling to events, were 60% of those of the previous year, and remained at those levels until September. Since then this percentage has increased until the point today where we have surpassed the 100% mark. I can put that improvement firmly in your court and can only say a very big thank you for all your efforts. May this growth continue!!!
Social Media Marketing.
Stuart Armstrong.

Highly Recommended.
BJ Upholstery is a re-upholstery specialist in Darlington. We have worked with Paul at Zedcomms for three years. It started when he sorted out our website as it was broken. Zedcomms now manage our Internet marketing, SEO, website updates and social media. We have steadily grown and become more efficient over the years using his services and accessing the online platforms. Our customers have responded well, they really appreciate the way we can now communicate online using Zedcomms as our online manager. If your a small business like us you should put a call to Paul to see what he suggests – we totally trust and rely on his support – brilliant! PS – NOT expensive either. 
Digital Marketing
Jo Griffiths.

It’s Going Fantastically Well.
We love it and our families & staff love it too. I never thought of adding the link to my email signature, so I’ll do that now! 
Facebook Page Management
Victoria House

The Marketing Report Really Opened Our Eyes
It was clear we were doing quite well promoting the business but missing out on searches to our website.  The guys suggested a product and a year later we are in great shape and enjoying building our business.  
Pinkneys Skip Hire.

Excellent And An Asset To Our Company
I wish I’d met Paul earlier – his vast experience and knowledge are amazing. Not just about digital and website design but he really understands business as well. Great value too – his price was very competitive and he didn’t charge for those extra pages we asked for, always glad to help and readily returned calls to answer our questions. The site looks the business and it works like a dream! 
Website Design
JV Securities.

We Have Worked With Paul For Two Years Now. 
All our enquiries now come from the website (previously we didn’t get any), I’ve lost count of the number of times customers compliment the website.  We get enquiries from much further afield and we are attracting target customers.  Our fabric representative said he’s never seen us so busy and it’s true, we are running at almost full capacity with an eight-week lead-time.  It’s just great to work with Paul – not just because he knows how to market a business – but he supports us along the way.
Website Design And Internet Marketing
BJ Upholstery.

Since Working With Zedcomms I’ve Doubled My Business
Marketing Consultancy.

ARM Services.

Finding A Lead Generation Expert Isn’t Easy.
Zedcomms really know what they are talking about.  Highly recommended!
Marketing lead generation plan.
Rohn Designer Watches.

Quick To Respond.
Knowledgeable; Impressed.
Design Website, Publish And Email Set-Up.

Smiling Faces Children’s Foundation, Northallerton.

We’ve Been Quite Busy Thanks To The Website.
Getting a brand new van on Monday, I’m excited.
Replicate established website | SEO and Google promotion.

BJ Upholstery, Darlington.

Thank You So Much For All The Help, Advice And Considerable Time You Have Given Me.
My marketing has progressed so far in the last few weeks. I knew I had to do something but was not sure the best way. I appreciate your evaluation and as you can see my website now looks so much better and I had never considered Google Local. I am so grateful for the work you put in for my advert it looks really good in the magazine better than I could have put together.  I do feel very fortunate, I have not been offered such constructive help since starting up last year, lots of muttering but nothing so tangible. I feel I have finally really moved on.
Website And Print Marketing.
SfR Film, Redcar.

Thank You Very Much, Also For Yesterday, I Left Feeling Very Positive.
Just the help and advice I need!  I am very grateful and delighted with all you are doing, I am very excited about my business again!
Marketing Consultancy.
SfR Films, Redcar.

Your Help Was Very Much Appreciated.
Your working document with all the other phrases and additional feedback was extremely informative and helpful.  Thank you. The November competition was really good at driving traffic to the website. We had nearly 600 unique visitors in December and when we posted the extracts of the winners onto the blog page, we had 245 visitors in just two days in January and gained numerous comments.
Marketing Consultancy.
Famelton Writing Services, Marske-by-the-Sea.

Great Work As Always. Thanks.
I’ve added the copy you’ve written to the service pages. I had the photoshoot this morning and the images should be ready tomorrow to start adding them to the site.  I’ll let you know when they are all done and you can take a look.
Re-Design Website Consultancy.
ARM Services,  Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Excellent Work.
I would hire Zedcomms again.
Website Marketing Consultancy.
London Apartments, London.

We Are 100% Satisfied.
From the first meeting we had with Paul we immediately knew that he could help expand our business. Paul reviewed and then broke up our business model allowing us to concentrate on the smaller tasks at hand, as a result, it made things more manageable for us. This allowed us to focus ideas about growing the business and with Paul’s expertise and contacts we are now on track to doing just that. We are 100% satisfied with Paul’s services, and could not have asked for more, and knowing he’s there for us is a comfort.
Website Marketing Strategy.
Artist and design company, Redcar.

My Thoughts Initially Were One Of Apprehension.
However, [Paul] is a very approachable person and clearly professional and knowledgeable in the area of expertise. Particularly useful for me has been contribution via the mentoring sessions. This has assisted and guided me to improve my website, but equally important has been the contacts you have provided. It has been invaluable for me to be to draw on your knowledge of how Internet searches work behind the scenes. This is reflected in improvements within the workings of my website in striving to achieve a higher hit rate and hence improve sales. Great work so far and very much appreciated.
Website Marketing Strategy.
Photographer, Redcar.

I Don’t Believe In Coincidence.
Since you worked with my business I received my first online order in two years.
Website  Marketing Strategy.
On-line print retailer and photographer, Guisborough.

Thanks for the yesterdays training session which I think has stimulated some thoughts as we move towards being more commercially focussed. Trying new things like your suggestions would be very much about doing something different in terms of how local operators market leisure. Thanks again, Paul.
Internet Sales and Marketing Workshop.
Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), Darlington.

Paul Harper Is The Best Mentor I Have Worked With.
I have worked with many. He is a competent and knowledgeable person who will focus on what your business needs. An absolute pleasure to work with!
Website Business Mentor.
NeST Business Hub, Barnard Castle.

Paul Is A Pleasure To Work With.
Great Job.
Marketing Manager Project – selling SMS advertising.
TeamStats, Eastbourne.

Brilliant To Work With.
He is very approachable and 100% happy with the work so far.  Am going to hire Paul again now ;-)
Interactive Flash Widget.

Excellent services and advice.
We will continue to use Paul’s services. The new website design has been working really well (thanks for your input on this) and sales are growing significantly.
Website Marketing E-Commerce Auditor – Improve Site Sales and Conversions | Health Foods, Australia

Paul Really Knows What He Is Talking About.
Finding a lead generation expert isn’t easy but Paul really knows what he is talking about. Highly recommended.
Internet Sales Generation Expert | Watch Retail, Italy

Best Month For Over A Year.
Worked on the franchise structure and promotion process. August was our best month for over a year. With help from Zedcomms.
Jewellery Franchise.

Looking Good
Our sales are climbing nicely too. We’ve set record sales on a number of occasions this month and are set to smash our monthly turnover, order numbers and profits too.
Website Design | On-Line Supplement Store

Brilliant To Work With.
He is very approachable and 100% happy with the work so far. Paul is a pleasure to work with. Great Job.
Sales and Marketing | Jewellery Maker

Finding A lead Generation Expert Isn’t Easy.
Paul really knows what he is talking about. Highly recommended. 5 stars.
Website Marketing Report | Watch Retailer

Excellent Services And Advice.
We will continue to use Paul’s services. 5 stars… one day after the changes we received three online personal trainer inquiries.
Website Marketing  and Website Layout Design to increase orders and inquiries | Health and Fitness Retailer

Thanks For The Report.
I found the process very useful and good value. It will certainly focus my mind on what needs to be done with the HMS Trincomalee website.
Website Marketing | National Visitor Attraction

The Business Is Now Moving.
We are receiving more inquiries and we have a system to process and save data for future marketing.
Design of website layout and order process | TV Talent Website

Since Working With Paul And His Team Over The Last Two Years We Are Forever Receiving Compliments On Our Website.
But more importantly, we are now running at close to capacity with a six to eight-week waiting list, and the whole business feels more relaxed.  We are attracting our target market better and gaining customers from further afield.  An indicator was that our fabric supplier representative came purposely to see us to ask what had changed as our fabric orders in 2018 were the highest in 30 years.
Restoration And Bespoke Manufacturer.

* Some business names are changed as requested.

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