What products or services do you sell?

Our clients sell all sorts of products. One client simply provides a finding service. Overall ALL products and ALL services need selling. Selling does not mean calling people to ‘sell’ etc. It’s a simple process of setting up your offering, a system to process it and a feed of interested people. Getting interested people is the hardest part. We abandoned press advertising years ago, radio is still good with a link to he Internet. The answer to ALL is; the Internet.

Our finding service client had a problem though: they were taking too much time on the process part of their business. They receive a lot of interest, they were spending a lot of time with the prospect that often came to nothing.

So we set up a simplified process that basically threw replies back to the enquiries with option links to the website. Then we worked to set up a strict standardised order process. It took a while for the system to ‘bed in’ but it has started working. Today we processed an order that we threw into the system. The client paid the finders fee. Confirmation sent, cash banked and we move on.

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