Client Additions and Updates

Considering the dynamic landscape of social media, online platforms, and websites, our marketing and public relations services continually evolve to meet the needs of our customers. We are pleased to introduce the following new services and additions added for our clients’ benefit.

Executive Report

Our Executive Report compiles all the information we gather about your company online into a central dashboard. This dashboard provides comprehensive insights, including:

  • The number of phone calls made from Google search
  • Popular search phrases
  • Performance of any Google AdWords accounts you’re running
  • Your listing status, detailing your starting point, industry position, and current standing

We take expert analyses and relevant sections of this report and include them in our weekly or monthly updates to you. Given the vast amount of data we collect, we focus on what is most pertinent to your business, ensuring that our reports are always relevant and actionable.

In addition to reporting, we use this information to enhance and build your online profile, continuously increasing your visibility and effectiveness in the digital landscape.

Optimising Your Google Business Performance with Strategic Adjustments

At our marketing service, we continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of each platform on a weekly or monthly basis, responding swiftly to any changes. For instance, in April this year, we observed an 18% decline in the audience on Google Business compared to last year. To address this, we began posting additional content directly on Google Business instead of using our posting software. This approach tends to score higher in Google’s algorithm, thereby attracting more attention. We closely track the performance improvements resulting from these adjustments. These small, strategic changes significantly enhance our clients’ overall online presence.

Adopting New Features Included in Our Monthly Service

As we partner with numerous small to medium businesses, we have a keen eye for recognising and swiftly adopting new features that can enhance your online presence. When we identify these features, we’ll promptly reach out and offer to integrate them into your online campaign. These enhancements may include direct call links on Facebook, WhatsApp integration, notifications to all followers for your posts, mentions of suppliers and associated businesses on Instagram, strategic use of popular hashtags, diverse and unique URL links, event postings, special offers on Google Business, and optimising image size and aspect ratio, among others. We’re committed to keeping your online profiles dynamic and effective, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

PR and Profile Management

We take the responsibility of managing your website, social platforms, and online profile very seriously. Your PR and online presence are in our hands, and we take pride in delivering top-notch results for you. We continuously monitor and suggest necessary updates, changes, additions, and alterations to ensure your online presence remains strong. Whether you choose to accept our suggestions immediately or postpone them for another time, it’s no problem at all. Our goal is to ensure you look your absolute best online without you having to worry too much about it. Leave it to us. We are dedicated providers of exceptional PR and online profile management services.

Facebook Tracking and Updates

It’s crucial to understand the reception and response to Facebook posts. While we offer comprehensive Google Analytics to our customers, we’ve simplified the process by including a thumbnail sketch of the Facebook post impressions in your regular reports. This includes the number of people who have viewed the post (reach), as well as the level of engagement—indicating how many times people have clicked or taken action. These metrics will be presented in an easily readable format for your convenience.

Social Platform Synchronisation

Your social media accounts should portray your company the same way as your website, using the same keywords, tags, descriptions, and links. We synchronise the central marketing information for you with all your social media platforms. The most common ones of these are Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, etc. This is an ongoing process and is included in your fees.

New Market Keywords

After establishing your online profile and identifying your target keywords, we automatically begin exploring new markets using key #Words. These keywords are associated with your business but might represent an area you’re not currently exploring. By doing so, we attract customers who haven’t heard of you before but have an interest, continuously expanding your business.

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