Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is truly a great way to engage with your customers. We manage the effective social media activities best suited for your company, whether this is to build and enhance the company online profile, increase your online reputation and reviews or search optimise your company website, we keep your website up to date, optimised and your company looking good.

Tracking How Website Visitors Interact.

Client Updates

How we maximise client exposure We respond and change to maximise your online profile as part of managing your social media platforms and search engine optimisation (SEO) on your website. Below, we’ve listed the specific changes and updates FYI and you will find a link to this page on your weekly or monthly reports. We’re […]

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Evolving Company Online Profile

Building reach and increasing the company profile. Posting on social media has multi-benefits – overall you are building your online profile. Put simply; how your company looks online, when someone ‘Googles’ you. It’s really important, it’s your shop window. Zedcomms promote clients’ company profile online mainly using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google along with website

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