Tips To Make Digital Marketing Work

Digital Marketing

I almost pre-ordered a car I saw online and will buy my next car online.  Mercedes have an online showroom, traditional showrooms will diminish I predict.   Whatesver business you are in you need to start thinking about your Digital Marketing and online presence.

Tips To Make Digital Marketing Work

  1. Be on social media – be on all the platforms, share your great story and point back to your ‘online-showroom.  It is
  2. Be active – weekly or daily engage and share online.
  3. Choose which platform is best for you.
  4. Build links to your website – selected though with surrounding concise descriptive text.
  5. Talk about your website, online-showroom, online shop window or whatever you call it.  Your website is your cornerstone, know what’s on it and how it works to share with your customers.
  6. Test it – does your contact form work correctly, does everyone involved get a copy email, does the website navigate nicely and do you look good on social media?


I know a lot of social media can be inane.  But people really like its fast and free, small bitesize information that people can take or leave.  One man’s rubbish is another man’s gold.  Your Digital Marketing should include social media, it is free to access and plenty of people, possibly your customers, are on it.

I saw an image today on social media of a pile of chips with two eggs on top, stood behind was a cool pint of Guinness.  Once clicked I could have bought a case of Guinness.

Update A Word Press Website And Why.


How To Maintain And Update A Word Press Website

Monthly Update.  Most of us do not look at the company website often enough.  You should at least login to your Word Press website monthly and update the plugins and themes.  Its a matter of just clicking where suggested.  Don’t select all and bulk update as this tends to throw most servers and you can lose your site.

So monthly Update.  Login, click the plugins and themes that show they need an update and you will be good.

Why Do This?

Bad people will take advantage of a security fault with an old version of a plugin or theme.  It’s easy for them; once a known security issue is known they can generate a list of all WP websites using it, go to the website and they are in.  They tend to take control of your website to send SPAM emails or publish illegal or offensive content – all on your server.   Not good.  So good housekeeping as suggested above will save you some headaches.

Another reason to keep your website update is that Google (the master of the search universe) do like healthy, up to date fast, genuine websites.


Manufacturing Business, Digital Marketing

Jo on a computer

A historic, classicly traditional business evolves using digital, social media to find new and diverse customers.

Zedcomms are a leading business development consultancy specialising in Website Design and Internet Marketing along with onsite training and ongoing mentor support.

BJ Upholstery based in Darlington is a traditional business who restore and reupholster antique soft furnishings.  Operated by a husband and wife team they have been in the reupholstery business for thirty years.

The Challenges

The loyal customer base was reducing and the call for restoring antiques was reducing too. A wider audience was required and new markets to serve.

BJ Upholstery in Darlington

The Solution

First, we looked at the company website and the supporting social media. We ran a ‘Snapshot Marketing Report’ that highlighted the company’s exposure online. They had very little exposure and the new customers required did not know they existed. They were known in Darlington and narrowly showed in search results as an antique reupholster and the report gave us the information to build an action plan.

We updated the website and created an easy to publish and search-friendly platform to work with. We did not totally rebuild the website for a few reasons; we wanted to keep the costs down, it looked ok and the style showed the business as it was, a nice traditional upholstery workshop in a market town, a bit old fashioned but well established. We didn’t want to come across too ‘flash’ we didn’t want a modern generic-looking website.  The website looks like an old upholstery workshop that is producing beautiful work.

Next was to build the social profile; we added Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and started telling the BJ Upholstery story regularly. Photos and descriptions of completed work are published which is an interesting bonus as prior only the customer saw the lovely work.
Website SEO was boosted by optimising the website and adding rich content to appeal to the target customers.
This is all ongoing and flexing as the business evolves and changes with demands and requirements of the owners.

Dig Advertising SS

The Results

Inbound enquiries are at a historical high and the company is attracting the ‘perfect customer’. The perfect customers are people who appreciate quality and don’t mind paying for the best service. People from further afield have become customers, at the time of writing two sofas are in the workshop from Gloucester, BJ Upholstery are producing jobs for interior designers, making bespoke sofas to order, upholstered a chair in football shirts and last year reupholstered a footstool in a potato sack for a customer in London.

 BJ Upholstery travels to the Yorkshire Dales, York, Harrogate, Newcastle as well as the surrounding area of Darlington and Durham. 

Digital Marketing can be overused and misunderstood.  Digital Marketing is just your story and what you offer shared in the public domain, on the Internet, which is a digital environment. 

More Information

Any business can request a ‘Marketing Analysis’ from, follow the link and request online.


How To Make A ‘Dud’ Website Work In 30 Minutes.

Tell people about your website as part of your business day- what it does and how it may help your customers.

  1. Add content that is useful to your clients – like a price list or FAQ page.
  2. Add content that may be useful to your suppliers – delivery times, directions, contacts and bank details for example.
  3. Embed your social feeds on the home page – search engines like this and it’s good to feed-in the latest information to the website.
  4. Tell people about your website and most importantly what it will provide to a visitor:  Answerphone, emails, business cards, invoices, letterhead, van, car, window, signs in-store, flyers etc.

    It’s very important to outline what the site visitor will find on your website.  Here are a few examples:

See our latest work – Latest price list – Delivery instructions -Accounts payable information – Frequently Asked Questions answered – Holiday opening times.

And lastly, all the above information is great accurate content that search engines really like.