Check for ‘Broken Links’ in your website

Broken Link

Housekeeping Tip

I embarrassingly stumbled on a broken link on a customers site today.  It was a text link that allowed site visitors to contact the business to find out more on special offers.  A simple fix that took less than a minute.

Don’t let it happen.  We don’t know how many visitors got to the same link and went to a dead end page – not a good impression and the visitors, more than likely, went away or on to the next thing.

A very simple tip to maximise your website – Do this:

Take some time per week to navigate through your website as if you were a visitor.  Make notes of any broken links (links that don’t go to the correct page or a dead end page as in this example).  Also, note any changes you think that will explain your product and service better and ask your web person to fix it.

Another advantage of having a peaceful hour navigating your website is you know how it navigates, how it works and what content it contains.  Refer to the website in your daily conversations with customers.

WordPress Image Size IS important

Keep the images in WordPress a nice size – Google like it and will rank your website higher.

If your site is a little slow to load its often caused by large images. They are easily reduced within WordPress – a good size is 400 to 1000 pixels wide. Faster loading site are ranked higher as this produces a better visitor experience for your site visitors – Google like this.

Do this: Go to Media, select images, select the month (I start with the oldest), edit and re-size, click Scale.

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Website QA Testing Services

Maximise Website Potential

Website QA Testing Services.

We offer a range of services in the Website QA/Testing Services area offered as a standalone-service or alongside work being done; website build, revisions SEO etc.

It is important to know your website is working correctly and to a maximin potential. Website QA/Testing Services will report any area’s for work, edit or development to ensure your website is operating at its best consequently provides a better visitor experience.

Website QA Testing Service

  • Testing As A Service – testing new work delivered incrementally as added by a separate development team.
  • Website review and test plan creation.
  • Work through a site and develop a test plan for a customer for future regression.
  • Automation services.
  • Create a suite of regression tests based on customer test plans.
  • Run and maintain automated tests with reports for customer.
  • Set up automated tests across various mobile devices to run using third-party services like Applitools
    Coverage testing – run through customer site on different devices to look for issues across devices / Operating Systems / browsers.

Most noteworthy is; when your website is in good order it attracts more visitors.

Contact us about your website.

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Automation is the new Internet marketing King

As a user I’m sure youve noticed some really nice emails from big websites like Ebay and Amazon that send you an email after an order or even just visited the site.  These emails are automated. Text written once and sent to you based on actions.  Automation become really confusing to set up and red faced embarrasing when it goes wrong so start simple say with Post Automation – simple a few more emails added to your ‘Thanks for your order’ email.


Why post-purchase automation is beneficial

As we’ve emphasized a few times previously, the “your order has shipped” email shouldn’t be the last time a customer hears from you. All the excitement that’s built up over finding a product that fits their needs simply goes to waste if the communication is ended there.

Post-purchase emails keep the dialogue going. They make your customers feel like they matter — like there’s a real human they can talk to if they have feedback, questions, or a problem to sort out. They can eliminate the feeling of “you’re just another customer” and change it into something akin to “you’re a friend of our business, and we appreciate you.”

Combined with automation, these emails don’t just boost the happiness and satisfaction of your customers — they also save you a (potentially immense) amount of time. Because you can set up messages well in advance, you can create the content just once and watch it do the work for you forever.

Thanks to WooThemes for this content.

An Inbound Marketing System is a bigger automation system that is going to rule marketing campaigns soon – more to come about Inbound Marketing System.

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How Honda could sell more cars in the UK. 

Honda, an international car manufacturer, operate a very outdated marketing structure to sell theirs cars. They follow the American model of sending demonstration modest to the dealers and then promoting the brand from from the top. A top agency produces the headline TV adverts, press media and social digital etc.

This marketing model is not dissimilar to how other Japanese manufacturers like Sharp and Cannon roll out through a dealer/distributor network in USA.
The customer experience starts of well enough. Top end brand promotion via TV, press, F1 and radio is world class. Desire to own a Honda is high but when a prospective buyer arrives at the showroom the experience and brand value drops off a cliff.
The dealers to operate on a respond as needed basis with cars parked where they feel nosed in and often not presented as they as a top brand or anything special. An old car trade expression is to refer to a car as a unit. A product mustn’t be presented this way ideally.
Staff training is not evident and a customer experience journey is not in place.
Honda do sell cars and at premium price- they are never cheap – so Honda maybe happy back at the factory – Missed opportunities. Cars sell partly because they still have a following from the 1980’s when Honda earned a reputation as a good quality car. The following is an older clientele, which in some ways a good thing, as the over 60’s tend to have equity and access to cash. And s memory of Honda of old. They are putting aside the poor sales process.
How can the Honda brand do better?

They need to connect the top line brand advertising and spear all the way through to the showroom visit. Connect with a follow up to all visitors with a personal call and electronic contact. And along the journey study how the brand is presented, make sure Honda is presented in an informative educated way- train the showroom staff. Staff really need to know how the car was designed, why it was designed, where and what this means to the prospective new customer. Appeal to a wider age range.
On a showroom visit I discovered the sales person knew little about the car the showroom was not a nice place to be, I wanted to leave – which left me cold. I bought a BMW. (Who were marginally better!).