Website Mobile Design

Website Mobile Design to capture a wider range of customers People are shifting so quickly to mobile devices these days therefore Website Mobile Design is especially relevant.  There are a lot of websites having to consider what the website looks like on a mobile device and how does it operate on a mobile device because they are losing site visitors. 56 percent of traffic to leading consumer websites came from mobile devices. Websites built for desktop or laptops may not be suitable or optimised for the mobile for several different reasons: Smaller size & dimension of screens; requirement to adjust as screen rotates. Variance of screen sizes across different devices (eg old mobiles […]

Marketing a Start Up Business

How to market your start up business The majority of the new business start-up’s I have spoken to in the last year asked for help with Marketing. Marketing a Start Up Business is so important to get it ‘started’.  Also if your Start Up Business has started its a good idea to streamline your marketing to find your ideal customers. Below are Paul Harpers tips on Marketing a Start Up Business. HeadlineTips Contact, reach-out and engage with your target market every day – its all about contacts. The Internet is the answer – a wonderful and so easy business tool to contact target clients. Central Marketing Folder – Start a Central Marketing Folder on your computer; add […]

SERP’s Search Engine Results Pages

SERP’s Search Engine Results Pages

Reaching-Out on LinkedIn We are ‘reaching-out’ and connecting on LinkedIn this month and as we run up to the year end. We are talking about Search Engine Results Pages and how businesses show in the Search Engine Results Pages, how to optimise a page on your site and offering a free marketing evaluation. As social media seems to be getting all the attention these days I’ve notice a lot of clients haven’t completed the basic SEO – for example: Entered META information to the website. Listed with Google local. Set up a site map. Set target search phrases. Optimised pages individually. We are offering a free service to check a business website to see […]

Cheat Sheet – How to optimise a page.

How to optimise a page. TITLE. The page title is an important indicator of the web page’s content, so make sure it contains the important keywords that you would like it to be found under. The title appears at the top of the browser when someone looks at your page. It also provides the text when someone adds the page to their favourites and it appears in the browser’s history. Be descriptive when populating the title field and use either comma or pipe to separate words as shown. (,) or (|). EXAMPLE: ABC Company in Birmingham | Industrial fork lift truck hire, repairs and fork lift sales. KEYWORDS (META TAGS). […]

Marketing Consultation with a free report

A free meeting with an experienced Internet marketing and branding expert. We will discuss your company objectives and aspirations and review your in-place marketing to produce your written report.  The report contains easy to read marketing suggestions specifically written for your company.  Included in the report is advice on how to maximise your company exposure now and how to capitalise on the modern ways to reach-out to customers.  We have helped many companies achieve marketing objectives without a huge advertising spend. We will explain and discuss our findings with you, no obligation, and the report is yours to keep. You may work with us in the future and become part of our network of successful businesses. Request a meeting using the form […]